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inspired by nature.

biodegradable packaging for the on‑demand economy.

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it’s almost 2020.

why are we still making packaging with desired lifetimes of an hour, a day or a week out of materials that last hundreds of years?

this is the question that prompted us to start wastebased. we’re all about waste - we’re literally “based on waste” - so we’re constantly thinking about how to reduce it, reuse it and most importantly, avoid it in the first place.

fruit is our muse. fruit packaging is naturally perfect - organic, durable and 100% biodegradable. so, inspired by the best the fruit kingdom has to offer, we’ve come up with packaging designed to biodegrade in less than 6 months - packaging with a lifetime only slightly longer than its desired lifetime.

all you have to do is fill it.


introducing (e‑co)mmerce.


we've designed your packaging to be as sustainable as possible so that you can focus on what's inside.

made with plants. fully home compostable. non-toxic.


(e-co)mmerce mailers may look and feel like poly mailers, but they couldn't be more different. they’re just as strong and 100% waterproof, but they’re also partly plant based, non-toxic and they’ll break down into biomass in less than 6 months in your backyard compost heap.

yes, just like fruit peel.


compostable, not compostable*


drag the slider to reveal: a small (e-co)mmerce mailer before and after being buried in a home compost heap for 30 days.


we’re carbon negative.


and the CO2 produced manufacturing your (e-co)mmerce mailers has already been offset. twice.

we are, always have been and always will be a carbon negative company, drawing at least twice as much CO2 from the atmosphere as we put into it. we're committed to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible and offsetting, by at least 200%, the CO2 that's left via genuine, beneficial carbon offsetting and rewilding programs, not monocultures.


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